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Encourage friendships with the Jewish people

One of the greatest gifts of being a blessing to Israel is sincere friendship with a Jewish person.

Bonnie Saul Wilks
By Bonnie Saul Wilks

“A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need” Prov 17:17, NLT

We all know of some Jewish celebrities, like Jerry Seinfeld or the new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot. But do you personally know a Jewish person? Don’t worry, we find that many  Christians do not. 

“How can I meet a Jewish person,” you ask? Well, unless you live in the middle of the Texas panhandle where cows and tumbleweeds are the only moving things in a 50-mile radius, you can easily meet Jewish people near you.

Start by asking God. He knows how to direct you to the right person. Keep your eyes and ears open! 

Connecting with a local Messianic Jewish synagogue/congregation is another way to comfortably befriend a Jewish person. Because of the common bond of faith in Jesus, it will be an easy first step in getting to know their journey in life. And Messianic Jewish believers truly need our friendship and support. 

Many cities across America have Jewish synagogues. Have you searched Google for any around you? Many of you might be surprised to find one just down the road. Navigate to their website and email them or call them, letting them know you just want to say hello and that you’re praying for their safety and well-being as a fellow community member. 

Also, did you know that many of the kiosks in malls are staffed by Jewish Israelis? Many of them come to America after their mandatory army service, and the mall is a common place for them to earn money. Stop and talk with them. Tell them you love Israel, and simply ask them questions about who they are, where they are from in Israel, how they are doing in America, etc. 

Let genuine friendship be your goal. We should respect everyone and not try to force anything on them. But don’t be afraid to share honestly who you are: “I am a Gentile Christian, and I love the Jewish people. Let me share why… ”

You may be extremely surprised by the positive response! Assumptions you may have unconsciously held will be broken down, and you’ll sense a stirring in your heart for the Chosen People of God.

I’ll be back soon with the third part in our series: “Ask them in.”

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