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About Gateway Center for Israel

"Gateway Center for Israel" is an organization based in Southlake, TX, seeking to engage church leaders with Israel. It was formed in 2019, as an initiative of Gateway Church, to resource and inspire the global church to a biblical and sincere love for Israel and the Jewish people. "Gateway Center for Israel" does this through research, publications, media engagement, and events.

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About us

With over 30 years of experience, our team:

  • Creates trustworthy teaching content for pastors and leaders
  • Connects churches with Israel-related ministries
  • Helps pastors engage with the Jewish community
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Let's talk about

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Recommended Books

Recommended Books

We're frequently asked "what books do you recommend?" These are some of our favorites. They range from beginner to intermediate to advanced; each of them written by authors we trust a lot.

Recommended Books

Perspective Papers

Perspective Papers

Israel, and the various topics surrounding it, can be very complex. So we've created these papers to help guide you and your church into a healthy, life-giving engagement with Israel & the Jewish people.

Perspective Papers

Getting Stated: Israel 101

Getting Started – Israel 101

Not sure where to start? Check out these 11 essential videos that answer your questions and gets you started on what a Biblical, healthy understanding of Israel looks like.

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Pastor's Guide to Loving Israel

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