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The Jewish Jesus

Israel Masterclass: Session 7

 995 Views   24 min    Apr 24, 2024   

We know Jesus WAS Jewish. But does it matter that He is STILL Jewish?

In this Israel Masterclass session, author and Jewish believer David Hoffbrand teaches the importance of the Church reconnecting with the authentic Jewish Jesus. He explains (while sharing his personal story) why viewing Him through this cultural lens is still very central to our spiritual walk and full understanding of the Gospel.

Using Scripture, such as the biblical story of Joseph, David also unpacks why we need to rewire our traditional, Gentile-centric thinking about Jesus with Hebraic thought. He closes with how this will lead us to a restored - and perhaps surprising - revelation of our Jewish Savior's identity, teaching, mission, and heart for Israel on earth.


David Hoffbrand

Author of "The Jewish Jesus"

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