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Perspective Paper
One of the primary reasons why GCFI exists is to guide the Church on what a healthy understanding of Israel can look like. This paper will outline some of the most common errors, misconceptions and unhealthy teachings about Israel and the Jewish people.
Perspective Paper
How should the Church understand its identity in view of God's promises to Israel and the Jewish people? This paper will define what is called "replacement theology" and argue that Israel remains a distinct entity that is not superseded by the Church.
 Theology, Antisemitism
By exploring the historic timeline of the Early Church and Paul's letter to the Romans, Nic explains the reasons why Gentile believers began to socially separate from their fellow Jewish believers. But he also shares good news about how God desires to use the Church to reverse this ancient division today!
What is the political movement called anti-Zionism? Can being critical of the State of Israel cross into antisemitism? Nic Lesmeister from "Gateway Center for Israel" shares three ways you can tell that anti-Zionism is actually antisemitism.
 Antisemitism, Modern Israel
Listen as Nic and Rabbi Ari Waldman discuss the Jewish perspective on Replacement Theology, why many Jewish believers in Jesus continue to identify culturally as Jewish, and how both Gentile and Jewish believing congregations can work together to further the Kingdom of God.
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