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What makes someone Jewish? If a Jewish person puts his or her faith in Jesus, has that person "converted" or “become a Christian?” Does a Jewish person stop being Jewish altogether? These are just some of the questions we attempt to answer in our "Jewish Belief in Jesus" resource collection.

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Torah Observance
Perspective Paper
Just as one of the major stumbling blocks for Judaism is belief in Jesus as the Messiah, the Torah and the idea of keeping “the works of the Law” remains a significant stumbling block for many Christians. The following paper will therefore explore the topic of Torah observance and argue that Jewish believers in Jesus are encouraged to observe the Torah by the leading of the Holy Spirit, so long as observance is not perceived as a means of earning the free gift of salvation in Messiah.
Is there such a thing as a physical “Jewish race?” What about “Jewish blood?” Nic Lesmeister outlines the accepted criteria to be considered “Jewish.”
If a Gentile putting their faith in Jesus "becomes a Christian," what is a Jewish person called that accepts Jesus? Through the use of Scripture, David Blease briefly explains how God's definition of Jewish and Gentile identity in Jesus may be surprisingly different from our traditional views.
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