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Viewing Conflict Through A Biblical Framework

Israel Masterclass: Session 9

 162 Views   18 min    May 8, 2024   

How can we take all that we've learned in the Israel Masterclass and put it to practical use in our daily lives? Nic Lesmeister wraps up this ninth and final session by explaining how to grasp - and then discuss with understanding - the very complicated issues surrounding Israel & the Jewish people today.

Using Rabbi Russ Resnik's "Wisdom of a Window," Nic shares a four-point values framework that will give believers the tools to navigate any hot topic today, including Israel, with a biblical compass. These values include:

  • seeking where the Bible stands on any topic
  • treating others who may disagree with love and respect
  • standing above the culture as we boldly speak the truth in love
  • and resting in the assurance that our eternal hope is in Jesus' return to put all things right.


Nic Lesmeister

Executive Pastor of Church and Jewish Relations, Gateway Church

Executive Director, Gateway Center for Israel

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