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There are very few discussions that can stir the pot of controversy quicker than that of the Middle East--and in particular, Israeli vs. Palestinian. We have created a group of resources that seek to define terminology widely-used in media as well as tackle difficult questions associated with this topic.

Most importantly, we offer context on how believers should biblically respond to the ongoing conflict surrounding a people and a geographical region that are of utmost importance to God.

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For such a small place, why does the land of the Bible have so many names? Is it Israel or Palestine? In this short video, Director Nic Lesmeister, Gateway Center for Israel, unpacks the historical timeline behind these often weaponized names, and helps us navigate what it means today.
Should the State of Israel be described as an "oppressive occupier" or "apartheid state?" Pastor David Blease with Gateway Center for Israel separates the facts from the fiction surrounding Israel's complicated relationship with the Palestinians - and offers evidence that while imperfect, Israel is still the freest country in the Middle East.
Pastor David Blease and Pastor Nic Lesmeister with Gateway Center for Israel have an honest, unscripted conversation about the difficult questions coming from people witnessing the war in Israel.
You may have heard “Hamas” mentioned on the news or in conversation, but who is Hamas? Whether launching rockets from the Gaza Strip or terrorizing civilians in Israel, today, Pastor David Blease at the Gateway Center for Israel breaks down a simple question: “Who is Hamas?”
What is Gaza? A lot of us hear this word, the Gaza Strip, and we actually don’t know the history of it, so I want to unpack it for you really quickly.
With war breaking out in Israel, many Christians are asking "how can we love both Israelis and Palestinians and do we have to choose a side"? Pastor Nic Lesmeister, Director at the Gateway Center for Israel, answers this question.
There's a growing movement that is labeling Israel as an apartheid state. What is that? What does it mean? Is it true? Does Israel systematically oppress Palestinians? Nic Lesmeister of "Gateway Center for Israel" helps you answer these questions in this video.
It is perplexing how many terms we hear in the media today to describe certain parts of Israel. In this video, Nic explains exactly what one of the most famous names (the West Bank) actually means.
Who has the "right" to the Land of Israel - Jews or Palestinians? What does the Bible say about the Jewish people's claim to the Land of Israel? In this video, Nic shares key Scriptures that highlight what God has to say about this conflicting issue.
Why is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so hard to understand? In three simple steps, Nic Lesmeister with "Gateway Center for Israel" provides a basic framework for developing a biblically sound position on this conflict.
In this special video update from May, 2021, Nic shares valuable context and understanding about the conflict between Hamas (Gaza) and Israel - and how believers can pray when terror and violence grip the region.
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