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We at Gateway are increasingly concerned about the rapid global rise in antisemitism over the past few years. We define antisemitism as any belief or behavior of hostility, prejudice, discrimination, or violence against a Jewish person.

Furthermore, any criticism of the State of Israel that demonizes, delegitimizes, or creates double standards for Jewish Israelis moves past anti-Zionism and into antisemitism.

Our collection of resources will help you better understand this issue, often called "the world's oldest hatred." We want to empower and help you be a friend to those God chose as His "firstborn among the nations," the Jewish people.

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What is the actual meaning of antisemitism? Director Nic Lesmeister with Gateway Center for Israel, gives an easy-to-remember definition, and gets practical on why Christians should care.
How do Israel & Jewish people still exist today after thousands of years of persecution? Is it just luck, or is it miraculous proof of the God who chose and has sustained Israel all this time as His special people? Watch as David Blease examines the evidence.
Did you know it is possible to be Jewish without Christianity, but impossible to be a Christian without Judaism? In this video, Nic explains three reasons why the Church’s relationship with Jewish people is not an option in order to be all that God desires us to be.
Is There Unknown Antisemitism in Your Theology?
Many scholars conclude that Hitler’s violent antisemitism was enabled by a wake of anti-Jewish theologies of church heroes like Calvin and Luther. Living in a post-Holocaust world, it is difficult for modern Christians to believe that antisemitism was flowing in the lifeblood of the Church for thousands of years. Yet, it was. Why?
The Rising Tide of Christian Antisemitism
In this eye-opening lecture, Dr. Brown shares examples of contemporary Christian antisemitism, even among evangelicals, with a call to recover God’s promises to Israel.
Replacement Theology
Perspective Paper
How should the Church understand its identity in view of God's promises to Israel and the Jewish people? This paper will define what is called "replacement theology" and argue that Israel remains a distinct entity that is not superseded by the Church.
God’s Plan of Redemption (Part 3)
God's promises for possession of the Land were conditional upon Israel's obedience to His word. As a result of disobedience, the Jewish people were uprooted, scattered, regathered, and scattered again among the nations. Because of His covenant with Abraham, God still promised to eventually return Israel to their own land. In Part 3 of this series, Nic traces the path of this forced journey between 722 BC and 1900 AD as Jewish people still clung to the promise of return from exile.
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