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Pastor's Guide to Loving Israel

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Learn about the core of our vision and the three key elements that drive our vision to become reality: a healthy theology, a heart-based revelation, and an active response.

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At Gateway, our desire is to exemplify a new model of relating to the Jewish people. What does a "biblical and sincere love for Israel and the Jewish people" look like? Learn the three major elements that can help Christians display this kind of love: a healthy theology, a heart-based revelation, and an active response.
Explore the three key parts to establish a healthy theology of Israel & the Jewish people. Discover some of the most harmful, unhealthy theologies of Israel - including the "Mother of all Heresies." Learn also about some of the commonly misunderstood Scriptures regarding Israel.
How can you gain a heart-based revelation of God's love for Israel & the Jewish people? Learn the simple importance of following the Bible's instruction to pray for the Jewish people. And also learn the deep value of friendship with Jewish people -- those who follow Jesus and those that do not.
What are some very practical ways to actively love the Jewish people? Learn how to be messengers of the Good News in a way that is sincere and honoring towards our Jewish friends. And lastly, learn how you can actively defend the Jewish people from rising antisemitism and anti-Zionism.
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