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Israel, and the various topics surrounding it, can be very complex. We feel that many pastors avoid engaging on Israel or Jewish topics because of the unhealthy or weird things they have seen in the past. With this in mind, we have created (and continue creating) thoughtful, but concise papers on various topics to help guide you and your church into a healthy, life-giving engagement with Israel & the Jewish people.

At Gateway Church, we have been on a journey to discover Biblical truths pertaining to Israel for over two decades. We continue to learn as the Lord guides us, and these papers may continue to evolve with us as we learn. We hope you find these perspective papers helpful as you lead your church!

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Torah Observance

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Just as one of the major stumbling blocks for Judaism is belief in Jesus as the Messiah, the Torah and the idea of keeping “the works of the Law” remains a significant stumbling block for many Christians. The following paper will therefore explore the topic of Torah observance and argue that Jewish believers in Jesus are encouraged to observe the Torah by the leading of the Holy Spirit, so long as observance is not perceived as a means of earning the free gift of salvation in Messiah.

A Christian Guide to Passover

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For thousands of years, Jewish people around the world have recounted the exodus story through the feast of Passover. Recently, a growing number of Gentile Christians have also begun to observe Passover. Desiring to reconnect in a greater way to the Jewish foundation of their faith, more and more churches have begun hosting Passover Seders for their communities. Whether you are just beginning on this journey out of curiosity, or whether you are an experienced Passover host, this guide is written for you.

Outreach to the Jewish People

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This paper will argue that the good news of Jesus is both relevant and essential for the Jewish people, but a thoughtful, sincere approach to Jewish outreach is also needed.

Messianic Judaism

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With the re-emergence of Messianic Judaism as a distinct religious tradition toward the end the twentieth century, there has been much debate about the legitimacy of Messianic Jewish identity within the Church and also within the wider Jewish world.

Replacement Theology

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How should the Church understand its identity in view of God's promises to Israel and the Jewish people? This paper will define what is called "replacement theology" and argue that Israel remains a distinct entity that is not superseded by the Church.

The Church and Jewish Identity

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The following paper will outline the biblical perspective on Jewish identity and argue that an ongoing distinction between Jewish and Gentile believers is fundamental to Christian theology.

Unhealthy Theologies of Israel

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One of the primary reasons why GCFI exists is to guide the Church on what a healthy understanding of Israel can look like. This paper will outline some of the most common errors, misconceptions and unhealthy teachings about Israel and the Jewish people.

The Jewish Foundation of Christianity

Perspective Paper

Because this topic is so crucial at the present time, it is important to define what exactly we mean when we say that Christianity has a Jewish foundation.

To the Jew First

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After boldly declaring that the gospel is powerful and effective for all who have faith in Jesus, Paul clarifies that it is: “to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

What We Believe About Israel

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We believe in Israel’s irrevocable election and affirm the calling of Jewish followers of the Messiah to remain true to their identity as Jews.

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