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Did you know it is possible to be Jewish without Christianity, but impossible to be a Christian without Judaism? In this video, Nic explains three reasons why the Church’s relationship with Jewish people is not an option in order to be all that God desires us to be.
Over the years, many Christians have unintentionally fallen into two major ditches trying to love and relate to Jewish people. Nic explains the effects of these pitfalls, and how Gateway Church seeks to humbly model a more balanced approach that is biblically honest yet sincerely respectful of Jewish identity.
Supporting Jewish ministries is important, but Nic Lesmeister, director of the Gateway Center for Israel, examines why church leaders and pastors should also focus on building relationship within the Messianic Jewish community as well.
Messianic Judaism
Perspective Paper
With the re-emergence of Messianic Judaism as a distinct religious tradition toward the end the twentieth century, there has been much debate about the legitimacy of Messianic Jewish identity within the Church and also within the wider Jewish world.
The Church and Jewish Identity
Perspective Paper
The following paper will outline the biblical perspective on Jewish identity and argue that an ongoing distinction between Jewish and Gentile believers is fundamental to Christian theology.
Torah Observance
Perspective Paper
Just as one of the major stumbling blocks for Judaism is belief in Jesus as the Messiah, the Torah and the idea of keeping “the works of the Law” remains a significant stumbling block for many Christians. The following paper will therefore explore the topic of Torah observance and argue that Jewish believers in Jesus are encouraged to observe the Torah by the leading of the Holy Spirit, so long as observance is not perceived as a means of earning the free gift of salvation in Messiah.
To the Jew First
Perspective Paper
After boldly declaring that the gospel is powerful and effective for all who have faith in Jesus, Paul clarifies that it is: “to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”
Should Israel be a priority for the local church? Nic Lesmeister with "Gateway Center for Israel" moderates a discussion with four senior pastors as they describe how prioritizing Israel has positively changed their personal lives and that of their churches.
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