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Understand Zionism

Israel Masterclass: Session 4

 1139 Views   24 min    Apr 3, 2024   

Few words can stir up both negative and positive reactions more than the term Zionism. This phrase has been a lightning rod on a global scale since the October 7 Hamas attack against Israel. There are many forms of Zionism: religious, secular, Christian, and even Islamic (yep). It can be defined simply as the national movement of Jewish people returning to and establishing self-autonomy (or self-rule) in their ancestral homeland, Israel. But what exactly does the Bible say? Did Jesus ever speak about Zionism?

In this informative Israel Masterclass session, Nic Lesmeister shares the biblical premise and meaning as it pertains to the physical land of Israel. From Abraham to modern Israel, Nic applies Scripture and documented history to trace this journey of the Jewish people back to the land unconditionally promised to them by God. He then explains God's foretold plan to regather His chosen people to this specific place to ultimately redeem them and reveal His glory to all nations.


Nic Lesmeister

Executive Director, Gateway Center for Israel

Executive Pastor of Church and Jewish Relations, Gateway Church

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