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The Jewishness Of The Gospel

Israel Masterclass: Session 6

 968 Views   16 min    Apr 17, 2024   

All four Gospel writers, from Matthew to John, felt it necessary to mention the Jewish genealogy of Jesus. Why? Is the Gospel itself Jewish? In this session of the Israel Masterclass, Dr. David Rudolph explains why the Church needs to rediscover the essential Jewish emphasis of the Gospel message. Using the writings of Isaiah, the Apostle Paul, Mark, and Matthew, Dr. Rudolph gives us a framework for understanding how the Gospel message was intended first for the Jewish people and then for the nations.

He concludes by outlining three reasons why it is crucial to not only understand but to restore the Gospel's Jewish focus in the Church. Once this alignment occurs, it will result in a deeper definition of the "Full" Gospel of Jesus/Yeshua, positively affecting both Jewish and Gentile believers.


Dr. David Rudolph

Director of Messianic Jewish Studies, Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies at The King's University

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