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The Jewish Jesus

Interview with David Hoffbrand

 859 Views   47 min    May 22, 2024   

Does the fact that Jesus was born Jewish only serve as a historical footnote? Or should it hold a deeper meaning for the Church today? To answer this question, Gateway Center for Israel Teaching Pastor David Blease hosts a fascinating in-depth conversation with Messianic Jewish author David Hoffbrand, author of The Jewish Jesus and 52 Sabbaths. Together they unpack the importance of believers reconnecting with the authentic Jewish Jesus.

As he shares his faith journey as a Messianic believer, Hoffbrand explains why viewing Jesus through a culturally Jewish lens:

- is still very central to the spiritual walk of the Church
- is vital to a true understanding of the Gospel
- gives a deeper definition to the term "co-heirs" with Christ

David then outlines why the Church needs to rewire traditional Gentile-centric thinking about Jesus with Hebraic thought concepts, ultimately leading to a better understanding of God's love, longing, and purpose for His chosen people Israel.

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