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The Controversy of Israel

Israel Masterclass: Session 1

 1896 Views   20 min    Mar 13, 2024   

On October 7, 2023, the most horrific attack against Jewish people since the Holocaust 80 years before was carried out by Hamas. But, instead of empathy, the world has responded to this atrocity by being offended by Israel's self-defense. Unfortunately, the Church as a whole has been rather silent as a violent war of words has been unleashed against the Jewish people. Exactly how should the Church be biblically responding to this global offense toward Israel?

In this first session of the Israel Masterclass, Nic's answer to this question starts in Genesis, laying what he calls some "theo-practical" groundwork by touching on:

  • the differences between the universal, or Greek, worldview embraced by Western thought and the biblical, or Hebraic, worldview found in Scripture.
  • the theological "scandal of particularity" as it relates to God's sovereign choice of Israel and how it relates to God's ultimate purposes
  • the importance of Christians loving and blessing what God Himself loves and blesses


Nic Lesmeister

Executive Pastor, Church & Jewish Relations, Gateway Church

Executive Director, Gateway Center for Israel

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