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How Jews and Gentiles Relate to Each Other

Israel Masterclass: Session 3

 933 Views   24 min    Mar 27, 2024   

Are Jewish believers and Christians, the natural and grafted-in branches of God's family tree, truly connecting in the loving, unified manner He desires? Ezra Benjamin digs into the various aspects of this mutual relationship in the third session of the Israel Masterclass.

He carefully examines the transactional, devotional, evangelical, and eschatological ways Christians relate to Israel and the Jewish people (along with the healthy and unhealthy results), and defines what Romans 11:11 means for Gentiles to "provoke Israel to jealousy." Reminding fellow Messianic believers that the Great Commission was given first to Jewish disciples, Ezra also emphasizes why they as a tribe must embrace their God-given, irrevocable calling to be a light to the nations -- whether they like it or not.

As both the natural and adopted children of God grasp their respective purposes, Ezra concludes by explaining how both will experience the mutual fulfillment of destiny that the Father intended all along.


Ezra Benjamin

Vice President, Global Ministry Affairs

Jewish Voice Ministries International

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