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Gateway's History with Israel

Israel Masterclass: Interview

 885 Views   22 min    Mar 13, 2024   

When, why, and how did Pastor Robert Morris - and then Gateway Church - embrace the importance of having a biblical, sincere love for Israel & the Jewish people? In this introductory session of the Israel Masterclass, Nic Lesmeister sits down with Dr. Wayne Wilks and Dr. Greg Stone to talk about this fascinating history.

Together they dive into the rich legacy that fueled this growing priority, from Pastor Robert's early days as elder under Pastor Olen Griffing at Shady Grove Church to Gateway's early support of Jewish ministries such as Messianic Jewish Bible Institute. They further explain how the foundational impact of scripturally loving and understanding Israel & the Jewish people is walked out in Gateway's ministry today.


Nic Lesmeister, Executive Pastor of Church & Jewish Relations,

Gateway Church

Executive Director, Gateway Center for Israel


Dr. Wayne Wilks, Executive Pastor of Development, Gateway Center for Israel

Dr. Greg Stone, Pastor, Gateway Church Jewish Ministries

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