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Antisemitism Explained

Israel Masterclass: Session 5

 958 Views   21 min    Apr 10, 2024   

What makes the Jewish people the most consistently hated people in the world throughout history? There have been many people groups enslaved and persecuted by others through the centuries. But it defies all logic that one group, the Jewish people, are time and again the recipients of repeated persecution above all others.

In this Israel Masterclass session about antisemitism, David Blease examines God's heart for the Jewish people as revealed in Scripture. He also details the surprising number of documented atrocities committed against Jewish people (many sadly at the hands of self-proclaimed Christians) spanning the centuries up until today. David concludes with a challenge to the Church today to examine our hearts towards God's chosen people and not repeat the same mistakes of the past.


David Blease

Teaching Pastor

Gateway Center for Israel

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