Nic Lesmeister

Executive Director of Gateway Center for Israel // Executive Pastor of Church & Jewish Relations

Pastor Nic sits leaning over with a big smile and hands clasped together

About Nic Lesmeister

Nic Lesmeister is an American pastor and the Executive Director of “Gateway Center for Israel”. He is also the Executive Pastor of Church & Jewish Relations at Gateway Church. Nic received a life calling to serve the Jewish people in 2011 while in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with one of his spiritual fathers, Dr. Wayne Wilks. After a successful business exit as an entrepreneur in the finance sector, Nic moved his family to Israel where in 2015 he earned a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 2019, Nic Lesmeister led the vision to create the new “Gateway Center for Israel” as a part of Gateway Church, and serves as its Executive Director. Nic and his wife, Tabatha, have three children and live in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.


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