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Unhealthy Theologies Regarding Israel

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Unhealthy Theologies of Israel
Perspective Paper
One of the primary reasons why GCFI exists is to guide the Church on what a healthy understanding of Israel can look like. This paper will outline some of the most common errors, misconceptions and unhealthy teachings about Israel and the Jewish people.
Replacement Theology
Perspective Paper
How should the Church understand its identity in view of God's promises to Israel and the Jewish people? This paper will define what is called "replacement theology" and argue that Israel remains a distinct entity that is not superseded by the Church.
Gateway Center for Israel director Nic Lesmeister, in conjunction with The King’s University Center for Israel and Jewish Studies, hosts the webinar, “Replacement Theology: What Is It and Why Does it Matter?” Anglican theologian and leading expert Dr. Gerald McDermott discusses the pitfalls of this faulty theology.
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