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People fail to realize that the Bible is a book about Jews and Gentiles, or Israel and the Nations. Why did God create these two distinctions? How does this work today? "Gateway Center for Israel" director Nic Lesmeister shares three reasons for this distinction.
Using the historic timeline and the book of Romans, Gateway Center for Israel's Nic Lesmeister lays out four reasons why Gentile and Jewish believers socially separated - and how God wants to use the Church to bring them back together.
To the Jew First
Perspective Paper
After boldly declaring that the gospel is powerful and effective for all who have faith in Jesus, Paul clarifies that it is: “to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”
Outreach to the Jewish People
Perspective Paper
This paper will argue that the good news of Jesus is both relevant and essential for the Jewish people, but a thoughtful, sincere approach to Jewish outreach is also needed.
What We Believe About Israel
Perspective Paper
We believe in Israel’s irrevocable election and affirm the calling of Jewish followers of the Messiah to remain true to their identity as Jews.
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