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Hello! Did I hear that some aspects of things relating to Israel are weird?

YES! We understand that Israel and the Jewish People (and Jewish ministry) can be challenging and may even make you feel uneasy. So we’ve made this place for you.

You may share your comments and questions anonymously. Don’t shy away from expressing some of the roadblocks you encounter when it comes to Israel and Jewish ministry.

Some common questions people have, for example:

  • I don’t get “to the Jew first”. Does that mean there’s a greater importance on Jewish people vs. non-Jewish people?
  • I thought Jesus fulfilled all the Old Testament promises. What’s the relevance of all this Jewish stuff today?
  • The Apostle Paul said there was “no longer Jew or Gentile”, so how does THAT fit into this?
  • Is the modern State of Israel really (like, seriously) still “Holy land”?
  • Was Jesus really called Yeshua? I thought he spoke Aramaic, not Hebrew?

We will try to bring a response to all of your comments during our upcoming zoom webinars.

Thank you for your participation.

Questions About Israel






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